Dining Room Notice


Eshquaguma C.C.

OPENING : May 10, 2015  |  CLOSING : September 19, 2015

Bar Hours

Tuesday-Sunday:  9:00 a.m. to close.  Closed Mondays including Memorial Day & Labor Day

Restaurant  Hours

Tuesday through Saturday* 11:00 a.m. to close (kitchen closes at 9:00 p.m.)

* the lounge is reserved Wednesdays at noon for Ladies Day, and Wednesday evenings for Men's Night


Bountiful breakfast buffet: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  Light fare served until 4:00 p.m., close at 5:00 p.m.


Reservations are recommended and appreciated, but not mandatory.

 Food orders must be in the kitchen one hour before closing time

Dinner seating in the Lakeside Room or Fireplace Room unless otherwise requested

Chefs Nights and Special Events

Reservations must be made by phoning the restaurant manager

Members who do not phone the restaurant manager to cancel reservations for these events by the deadline will be charged

Phone to make arrangements for special parties, private events, and catering.

As Eshquaguma Country Club is a private club, all charging privilages are through member accounts. Any mode of payments other than member charge, cash or check is not encouraged.


ECC Take Out!

If you'd like an easy at-home meal - think about TAKEOUT from the club!

Simply call the dining room (218-865-4263) and order a takeout  meal!

Menu available.  A last minute solution, perfect for boaters, busy families, travelers, and golfers.  Be a hero - bring home dinner!

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